The 2002 Show

As usual the 93rd annual Snohomish County Dahlia Society Show was a grand success. Once again many beautiful blooms adorned Floral Hall at Everett's Forest Park and once again (third straight year) an S.C.D.S member won the best single bloom entry in the show. This year it was novice grower Kathy O'Malley, whose show winner was appropriately a knockout bloom of the superb yellow miniature cactus, Kathy's Choice. S.C.D.S members Dick and Danielle Parshall won the best triple bloom entry in the show with three perfectly matched Barbarry Red Dwarf's. Char Crawford, another S.C.D.S. memeber, won the best arrangement in the show featuring a stunning bloom of Kenora Jubilee. Les and Vivian Connell from W.S.D.S won the best basket in the show with a powerful display of Camano Sitkas.

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Placing Entries

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